Springtime Updates ;)

I am sorry for the complete lack of posts and reach in here. This is an update while I wait for my class to begin. So, this will be pretty brief 🙂

Twitter & Other Handles:
      I updated all of my handles from Facebook to others such as LinkedIn to the name @iamspeedyalex. Snapchat does not allow username changes at the moment. So, @iamspeedyalex shows as my display name after I’ve been added.

     I started with an idea to squat every day for 60 days from seeing an interesting set of videos on YouTube where Mike Rashid was doing it from back in 2015.  Essays and exams took literally all of my time immediately after Day 1 last week.  Today I will be getting in Day 3 of the restarted challenge. I have had a crippling headache since the first Day 1 of the original attempt at the challenge.  Today, two of my friends did their Day 1. Isn’t that exciting? More people hopping on the Squat Train!

New Book:
I’ve made a plan to read a new book every 3 weeks. This will keep me moving quickly into my textual learning and towards a healthier consistency in my knowledge increase.  I’m grinding through #365IDEAS by John Sparks right now. The plan is for me to begin a new book, the #AskGaryVee on Saturday.

Dietary Status:
    I fell off pretty hard from lack of funding for easy follow through on how I used to grocery shop. I didn’t put forth the effort to improve in smarter shopping. I stopped cooking every day, and I stopped paying attention completely to my caloric count.  My weight didn’t spike, but with my recent extreme lack of sleep I really could benefit even more from proper dietary nutrition. Even in the least of consuming enough calories to supply my body with at least enough energy to make it through the day. I am back at working towards paying strict attention. Just starting overall caloric counting. I will be paying more attention to the detailing of where and how much comes from what.

Business Planning:
I had a few meeting with some social media and branding specialists. Currently working on some business homework and organizing. Taxes, legalities, socials, and relationship building. I am currently refreshing my knowledge in training planning ideas and strategies.

To Come:
Eventually the posts will be switched to a more business standpoint under the name of @iamspeedyalex
@iamspeedyalex is what I’m branding as myself. Having a common name isn’t always a good thing 😉

End Spring Update

Spring Updating


A Ducktales Update


A little update: They really need to let students know which classes will have out-of-class projects and meetings. A lot of us base our work and other studies around our specific class scheduling we initially signed on for. I don’t even have the time on the weekends to play catch up in sleep. My workout immediately fell back down with these specific classes. I’m slowly figuring out how to make it work, but it had me stressed out right from the start. I’d have to dedicate entire weekends to 1 of 4 subjects. Each subject can fill the entire thing. I am taking Spanish to learn it. I’m not taking it to barely pass the course. I will to become fluent in Espanol someday.

Second Lil update: I have started crunching my media presence pretty hard recently. I even brought back my absent Twitter handle “Alex_Co254”. I still have a lot of improving in Snapchat and IG, but my Twitter has greatly improved. I am very happy with how much better it is now than it used to be.

I still have my blog posts list of ideas and projects. There is also my prompt box. I have no excuses to slack on WordPress. I am sorry for not communicating and sharing. I allowed myself to become overwhelmed with the mass of things I am a part of, and that I pay attention to.

Thank you for taking the time out of your irreplaceable day to read my posts.

A few of the project ideas I have are great. I just need to put them out there.

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More On Why We Don’t Squat

Unilateral training has always been an interest of mine. I still love typical squats for myself. The “Monkey See, Monkey Do” philosophy in a gym environment isn’t something that I had thought about much. He makes a great point. By the way, Michael Boyle is “mad smart”. I was lucky enough to attend a seminar he spoke and worked with “us” at. The 2015 Perform Better Seminar took place in Austin on Saturday, Valentine’s Day. He was excellent! Check him out.

Michael Boyle's Strengthcoach.com Blog

A recent thread on our StrengthCoach.com site made me realize I need to continue to write about why we don’t squat. I still don’t think people realize that my decision to stop doing back and front squats was not a knee jerk, attention grabbing ploy but rather the culmination of a twenty year long thought process. Our changes were based on years of lifting, coaching and observation. Our decision to switch to unilateral exercises was based on three thoughts:

1- Number of back issues we were seeing in our groups. Our number one mandate is “do no harm”. Although we did not have many serious back issues I would say at any given time in our collegiate strength program a minimum of 10-20 percent of our athletes would be dealing with back pain that limited the athlete and caused us to modify their training. I struggled to accept the idea…

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Crunch blogging- short post

End of the year with family and the starting of classes pulled me into other priorities for the last 3-4 weeks. I apologize for not making enough time for this blog. I have returned. I do not know how often I will be able to post, but it will hopefully be at least every week. I will not be able to post DURING the week with classes and work. I was getting two hours of sleep each night this week. I will be trying to put out, at least, a total of 3 posts before the weekend is over. I will be putting out multiple posts at a time even though it means people might miss some posts even easier with the posts running over each other. I’m not worried, though. Putting content out is something I need to put my work into. GOOD CONTENT. I need to focus on both the quality increase and the frequency increase.

No time for posting blogs? Like stated above, I’ll be putting multiple posts out on the weekends. If there is ever a weekend I cannot, then I’ll make sure to find a way to fit it in one way or another.

I am here to improve myself through words and expression of my own. I am not here to give up. I am here to better myself in my grind and hustle mentality. My work ethic was always shot growing up. I was a very smart kid. I wasn’t smart enough to put myself into actually doing the work, unfortunately.

If time is at its absolutely most hectic, then I’ll even type a post out on my phone wherever I’m at. Be that in the school library, at the park, at the gym, or anywhere there is wifi. Wifi right now is a must-have because I JUST hit my Set data limit.

Yosemite National Park Travel List

Well, here we are. Returned to finish the travel lists of the two places.

This time, the destination is Yosemite National Park.

What better place is there to do on a trip to Yosemite than to visit Old Faithful? It’s eruptions are pretty timely too. Very extraordinary. It is a photospread of water explosions just waiting to happen. Following here would definitely be the Grand Canyon for a sight see and exploration. This is one of the most popular hiking areas in the park. Twenty miles long and half a mile wide is very impressive. Talk about a giant gash across our land. I don’t think we have bandaids big enough for this one.

In North America, the largest fresh-water lake above 7,000 feet is the Yellowstone Lake. It is very popular among anglers and boaters. Even though I am neither of the two I would take in all of the scenery and beauty of His Creation. Nature has a beauty beyond both words and image.

I really would love to see the Grand Prismatic Spring. The colors are psychodelic. The colors along with the vast and amazing wildlife at the Park are exactly what would make this trip well worth it. One place that would be great to see wildlife would be the Hayden Valley.

The Lower Geyser Basin is astoundingly with mud instead of water. I always thought they were just spewing water. Apparently, the muds here are also highly colored in the geothermic area north of Old Faithful.

For some hiking, I’d definitely have to go out to Mount Washburn. The summit of this mountain reaches over 10,000 feet into the sky. How cool is that?

Do you love bears or wolves? I mean, who doesn’t? Boy, that sounded like a silly question. If you want to learn more about them while seeing a few you can visit the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.


Yosemite National Park Travels

2015 in review

I would like to start out by apologizing for the lack of posts as of late. Things had gotten pretty busy here with Christmas and family arrivals. Hard to type with little cousins running around the house throwing hard plastic and metal toys every second.

Here is how everything seems to have looked with WordPress for me starting out this year. Much room for progress. I look forward to posting more blogs, and connecting with you all.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 220 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Back Home For Christmas

I hope every single one of y’all are having an absolutely blessed Christmas time with your families. I am currently on the way back home after having visited the grandparents for half the day. I would rather have stayed, but work at 2:00 AM. You know the drill.

We are still on the road, and my eyes can barely stay open right now. I’ve been up for 17 hours after 3 hours of sleep. So, I’ll just keep this short.

Have a very merry and blessed Christmas! Be merry with friends, and loving with the family members.

Big reminder as some people can be forgetful with all the outside pressures; Christmas is about Christ being sacrificed to save us from sin. All the presents. Santa, elves on the shelf are not important, and these can serve as distractions to the main picture of what the season is really all about. Take time and sit in quiet to help get your mind right if that’s what you need to get back on track if you are slipping. I know I sure have been struggling. I am very recently taking big strides into improving myself this last half week. Never going to stop either.

Merry Christmas! Love you all!