First Post? Sure. Let’s do it.

Finally got myself a blog started :)) I will be posting randomly as I do not have it as a steady thing as of yet. This is going to start out as more of a random fitness thoughts blog probably.

This is just a first post let’s get started kind of posting this time. This is just more of a free-write style more than anything. I will be including newly discovered thoughts on yoga too as I have started a 30-day yoga challenge I was put up to. 😉

I will be taking my NASM Exam in one month from now. I am excited! I already have a diploma from National Personal Training Institute on the Theory and Practice of Personal Training. I also have received certifications in Kettlebell Training and Suspension Training from the NPTI in Houston, Texas. I flew to Orlando in June 2015, this year, to take part in the day long Speedblast Training from the NPTI in Orlando, Fl. It was a blast!

I am just starting out in the fitness industry, and I am greatly looking forward to earning experience and increasing my knowledge and practice over the coming years.

Thanks for taking the time to read this write. Have a blessed and glorious day!


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