Countdown to 2016: Day 1

Who else is excited for Christmas?! I know I sure am! Time with family one way or another, celebrating Christ’s birth on this Earth, and enjoying the typically cooler weather which usually means less mosquitos depending on where you live. They love me…

I find myself wondering where the year went, and asking myself if I did my best this year. This year I did not. Lots of work left undone that should’ve been a piece of cake to do. I’m already working on doing better. I WILL NOT just wait until the next year starts to begin improving. The new year is just another system of days that is starting. Not my circumstances. I’m already here. I should go ahead and start.

It is already nearly November. I have put together an overly-tough workout plan for myself for the month that works me into uncomfortable training styles that my body is not accustomed to yet. Two of those are a yoga challenge, Yoga with Adriene, and the 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge. Someone in a facebook challenge group put me up to the 30 Days of Yoga challenge. I am stacking these on top of both speed work for three days a week, and a Power phase of 6 days per week. Once a week I’ll have an Active Rest day planned out to go considerably lighter to allow my body to recover a little nicer with a nice break while still keeping it moving with some activity still being done. Not going to allow my body to become comfortable. I NEED to improve!

Nothing to do, but to move forward.

The year of 2016 WILL be my BEST YEAR YET! 2016! 2016!
The year of strong will, indomitable spirit, and a stronger hustle than I’ve had any other time in my life.

I’m gearing more time than I have ever spent in the past towards Twitter right now. I see Twitter as a vital tool for me in improving in both career and life from people I can learn from and connect with. I just did a miniature follow spree of about 15-30 earlier this morning. My eyes were trying to close, but it was what I wanted to get done at that moment.

I do not believe my EQ, emotional intelligence, is high. This doesn’t discourage me though. It’s a part of my life and helps develop who I am as a person in all my uniqueness and stand-apart. I’ve heard a lot of “successful” people talk about how their EQ is higher than the rest or off the charts, but I still feel like I will make a difference one day if I live to that day. I want to make a difference. 🙂 Not 100% sure how right now, but I WILL find a way.

Get ready for the rapidly approaching new year.

Get ready for the rapidly approaching new year.


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