Countdown to 2016: Day 3

T. G. I. F. Thank God It’s Friday!

This weekend is getting off to a gorgeous start. Beside the heavy rain ending in flooding I am loving this day already. TBH I am enjoying watching the rain too. Rain enhances the colors God placed for us to find. Everything looks richer when wet. The interview today was the smoothest feeling one I have ever gone through. The community at the place was friendly, and so was the staff. Nice impression Gold’s!

If only we were told about accepted hiring in the same way as pictured below. It would be a fantastic feeling.


Had to take a short break from this quick blog to let in some more people to the house for an even better day.  Two long-distance relatives just made it into town, and it is a brighter place with them here. It was bright to begin with, but it can always be brighter. I’m sure it is possible to have a bright enough atmosphere where blinding is possible.

Three weeks until my NASM exam! I Will Be Ready for it.

Always have an air of expectancy. If you truly expect something to happen you will find yourself, even if subconsciously, working towards it.

Learn to appreciate your blessings. Sit down with a pen and pad for 5 minutes and scratch down what you are thankful for. Yes, I realize it isn’t Thanksgiving, but it is always good to be grateful. If there is something that you want to change about yourself just know that you will need to change the way you think. The mind is a powerful thing.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”
– Dr. Seuss –

How hiring should be announced

How hiring should be announced


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