Countdown to 2016: Day 8

I admitted to my impatience mere hours before receiving my physical acceptance letter through the post. Next stop is to see an academic advisor(er) once again. Decided against taking part in the Athletic Training AS program at MCC. Just going to take care of as many personal interest classes as I can while here to save money. Also, going to be taking part in however many classes that will work towards my University of Houston Exercise Science degree plan that I really want to do. So, core curriculum towards Exercise Science, Classroom Spanish, Business and Marketing, and Public Speaking are most of the classes I am hoping to take while here to save money from the larger university.

Don’t just attend college to “Go to college.” If you go to college you better be taking part instead of wasting time not investing yourself in where your money and more importantly your time is. This took me a long while to really get closer to the mindset for. I’m a lot stronger in this aspect, and more invested in myself than when I first graduated high school. It had a lot to do with disappointments in association with many things, but I still should have tried a lot harder starting out. One disappointment was just the fact I ended up starting at a community college after having a full ride to Texas Christian University on scoring decently high in both the SAT and ACT, going into the military, and having talked for months setting up an EXTREMELY unorthodox way of work for pay with the school to cover the remaining of the tuition. The remaining of the tuition was a minimum of a third.

I got to hang out with another little cousin of mine today. It was so much fun. I cannot believe I steered clear of family for so long when I had the opportunity. I don’t miss people much when I am away, but I am beginning to learn to appreciate what an amazingly great thing I have with them.

I still have another 200 pages to read of the National Academy of Sports Medicine textbook. This is taking a bit longer than would have liked. I love the content though. I will be skimming back over the entire thing once complete it this first time. Luckily I highlighted half the book already. So, it won’t take even nearly the same amount of time around the second time. Only two weeks until I take the exam. I’m a little anxious. Excited to take it after all this time this year anticipating it.

Once I’ve completed the NASM I will be studying even more of notes taken past, and even more texts I own. I have enough texts to hold me down for about a year possibly.

Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out.”

Engage yourself in your education

Engage yourself in your education


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