Countdown to 2016: Day 11

Two long breakfast burritos. Gotta love breakfast. The establishment was completely void of customers for some reason. Seemed the first time my mother had seen it not absolutely packed. The cashier warned us that the red sauce was too hot today as her mother made it hotter than usual today. Lucky me. It was delicious.

On the drive today I learned that the water hadn’t receded as much as I had thought. Some of the fields were flooded at least  four feet high in some places. It made me wish I had brought my swimsuit. SO MUCH WATER! 🙂 And cows. Did I mention the goat farm I spotted? Maybe I can get on good terms with the owner to get the hook up on some goat cheese.

I found Waldo! She was driving a grey Subaru. Fuzz ball red and white striped cap too. It was the stitched cap too. Dark hair cut short too. She truly resembled Waldo lol

After the three hour commute to the H I dropped by the 24 Hour Fitness to cancel my membership before finally arriving at the grandparents house. I sure love them. 🙂 Apparently I’m not even going to be charged for the next payment in two weeks. Explains the “no refunds” thing that is shown on the sheet proving the cancellation.

I hadn’t realized how attached to this house I had become. I am so very tempted to stay another two weeks at least to a couple of months. Luckily, I’m even more motivated to get things rolling, and to continue moving forward. Things might not be jumping at me and even being a bit difficult, but it just means that I’ll have to put in more work to get what I’m after than I would otherwise. Things might seem to be coming to others around me a lot easier, but that just means I have more room for developing a stronger drive during the chase for greater things.

I love my grandparents. I’m so blessed with having them in my life.


Interesting Saturday. Burritos + real life Waldo

Interesting Saturday. Burritos + real life Waldo


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