Countdown to 2016: Day 12

Another day another dollar. Too bad that isn’t the case for me right this moment. It is more like “Another Day Another Workout.” Even better or naw?

This Sunday was sure an exciting day. I got to attend 6PackUSA: REAL TRAINING CAMP at Hank’s Gym. It was a beautiful turnout of maybe 20+ attendees. This time it was a “Guys Only” training camp. The Saturday class I took part in a couple of months ago was predominantly female. In other words all ladies except this person. They cover all the bases with their trainings so no worries. Fantastic trainers too. They are very knowledgable in what they teach, and they practice what they preach too.

The training camp started by splitting us into four to five smaller groups. My group, Group 2!, started in the Speed portion. It consisted of pushing and pulling a sled with a partner, and of lateral movement over hurdles and to cones. Once we were dry heaving and already requiring water replenishment we were sent to the next station. Station two for us was the Push Station. I started on the bench press, moved immediately to the barbell bicep curls, and into the narrow dumbbell shoulder presses. Next up was the LEG STATION! I love training legs. In the leg station I started with the horizontal single-leg push-offs. I then moved into the leg press followed by the smith machine squat. Since we had been doing 2 rounds of each set of everything so far I was already shaking and exhausted. On another note my legs were already shaking from the Speed area before I even got to their specified station. Finally, here was the Pull Station. High and Wide Cable Rows were first up for myself. When it was time to switch exercises I moved over to where the guy in front of me had been. It might have been a slightly different cable machine, but it was apparently being counted as the same. So, I ended up doing 4 sets of that individual exercise. To make up for this error I did the first set on the Lat Pulldown, and I then went ahead and moved on for the second set to the T-Bar Row.

Once all the groups were finished with completing all four areas we rendezvoused in the middle onto the turf. We had five minutes of abdominal work to do, and surprise, surprise. They bring out all the cameras. They used the filming as an additional source of motivation for us to keep pushing and to not stop. It worked too. We had a competition of who could do the most pullups and pushups with the winner getting a check for one hundred dollars. There was a tie in the end. The tie breaker was to see who could hold a plank the longest.

Their was an awesome meal prepared for all of us that completed the training camp afterwards. The meal was pasta and meatballs with salad, and healthy banana nut muffins. It was delicious. I went for seconds. XD
It was technically my first full meal of the day too.

I really wish I had brought along a second shirt that I might have been able to change into after the workout. I was freezing my tail off, because my shirt was half made of sweat by the end of it.

The best athlete is made during the off season.

6PackUSA Training Camp: Competition Tie Breaker for $100

6PackUSA Training Camp: Competition Tie Breaker for $100


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