Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

“who I am and why I’m here”

Well, to start things off here, I am Alex. I’m a certified personal trainer who is just starting out in the industry in the last few months. I guess the primary reason that I have started writing posts on WordPress was just to have another place to put my words that I want to put out there. It also gives me an outlet that I can take advantage of to work towards improving my drive away from the path of intense procrastination. If you find something that will help you, even if others around you do not understand, use it to its full potential.

On here I will be about posting whatever is on my mind or in my life that I feel like sharing. I plan to begin sharing blogs that are more research than feelings in the VERY NEAR future. I am supposed to be working on the first of these right now to post by tomorrow, but the packing for the move is throwing the timing for it off. It will still be brought out into sight, but just a little late. Just as a small tease, the topic of the first one will be on “Subcutaneous vs Visceral Fat.” People should read my blog from simply looking to be entertained, to be nosy, or even for informative and opinion-sharing posts. There isn’t just a single focus on my blog. It is about whatever I feel like having it focused upon. This is freedom. This is America. This is Me.

Having others attention can be quite entertaining. I even enjoy that awkward feeling one can get during the long, dramatic pauses in serious conversations. I’m not an attention-hog. Even though I enjoy it I strongly believe that good things should be shared. If someone deserves or even needs a turn with the spotlight I’ll gladly assist in the lighting of him/her. Typing out these blogs available to the public brings the possibility of attention. Don’t worry. That is just one of the reasons I’m doing this. The main reason is I am learning to enjoy typing and spending time putting my thoughts or previous activities down on record. Even if just for myself it helps bring a peace of mind that I am not too familiar with.

To quickly name a few of the topics I’ll be covering, I’ll list out my Categories which should help give a general understanding of what might be brought here from the courtesy of my fingers striking these keys.  They are named Writing 101/Blogging 101, Onward to 2016, Curious Fit, and Smart Eats. If blogging connects me with others who are in earnest of learning more while sharing what they learn in the Fitness industry that would be fantastic.

If I manage to stick with blogging throughout the next year I would be ecstatic. I will have drastically improved my work ethic and drive. I will have improved my consistency at which I stay on top of tasks too. These are very important things for me to be working on. They are some of the things I struggle with.

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: The future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.

Challenge: Day 1

Challenge: Day 1


2 thoughts on “Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

  1. mydogrambo

    Hi Alex – your blog sounds great and I look forward to some of the topics you mentioned. I am also a fitness trainer and while it is not my focus for this blog, I will be touching on it, and will of course love hearing about anything fitness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alex Harris Post author

      Hi Rambo. Thank you! I sure will be seeing how this blogging experience turns out. I enjoy even the sound of the keys for now. I can easily see this continuing for a decent amount of time.



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