A Story in a Single Image

The unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates

Like the caption for the image shown below says, “Normal is boring.”

Why would you sit around wasting the time you have of your life by being exactly like everyone else? Time is our most valuable asset. I think Life should be considered an asset too since you only get one. Life is truly a gift from God. God led your parents to making you. You only get one biological set too. You are unique. You are rare. Be awesome. Be you. Be different.

Make a splash by being similar to an extrovert. Don’t hide who you really are. Be proud of yourself. Work hard. Strive for only your best. Relax once in a while, and then get right back into it. This is currently the age of introverts for business though. Extroverts are still powering strong, but introverts seemed to have a tougher time in the past. For superior success take advantage of how easy it is to remain true to yourself even if you aren’t as naturally “loud” as others. Social media along with other outlets have made it easier to reach people on a more personal level while being in separate areas over long distances even. Nothing is impossible. Try, try again.

Normal is boring. Make a splash in the world.

Normal is boring. Make a splash in the world.


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