16: Digging is exercise too

“Holes” reference 🙂

Since I only have studying going on for these few days I thought that I would try out another poetry generator. Got one that actually makes sense about me. Surprisingly.

Speedy: Dig My Shaping

What shall I do about it
With an exercise in mass poetry.
and above all he will get spit at
when by shapes my words are known, I try

I’ve realized I will have another two final chapters to finish the book tomorrow. Then I will be focusing on using a study guide I came across a few months back. I have not decided yet whether I will split it into 7 chapters, 7 chapters, and 6 chapters each day to review before the day of the exam. Or, if I want to go 10 chapters both of the first two days, and to have a rough review over the entire thing the day before the exam.

Today I hopped on the piano for the first time in many years. Basically, since childhood. There is so much of the technical stuff that I do not recognize and remember at all. I am still interested in eventually becoming good enough to play on the holidays for my family. I would enjoy playing for them.

The bear pictured below is just like the exam that I have to conquer in a few days. I must prepare myself to take it down before it does so to me. Preparedness is key. If I am not prepared it will maul me in a way of words. I wish to pass beyond the bear. I wish to pass beyond the test. My life is “beyond” this singular point of a bear test. I am a hunter in this story. I will be victorious. I will be smart. I will succeed. I. Will. Pass.

Mr. Bear = Mr. Exam

Mr. Bear = Mr. Exam

I forgot about a brief note I took early on until just now. So here is an addition for an EDIT:

Only slept 3 hours from 10pm to 1am. This includes the time I woke up halfway through. Still tired, but somehow more alert. I must’ve gotten some of that dark deep sleep even with the light on right above where I lay. I ate a nicely sized meal. So, time to hit the book. Got to get ready for the exam. Especially considering the code I received to rake it free of charge didn’t set my given account up correctly with the ability to take the free practice exam everyone else is receiving. As long as I pass it’ll be fine. Good thing I’m going to be making sure of that. I at least have this thick review topic packet telling me an idea of what I should be studying. I can use it to do a more focused study after I finish going all the way through the textbook. I’m sure some people would recommend me to just use the review packet to only study specifics in the book. I prefer the idea of finishing with my half-the-book highlighting style that I’ve got going for me right now already. It will possibly make it a little easier when I have to study according to topic searches next.

I tried my first wasabi pea from a bowl at the house today. I could easily see myself eating these every day. The way of the crunch alone is enough to addict me. The lone reason I’d get addicted to consuming them. They seem pretty bland. The texture was superb though.


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