Let Social Media Inspire You

This is a tweet that spoke to me.

I am a victim of Procrastination. I have been a strong procrastinator for a majority of my life. Do I believe I have become more creative because of this? Do I believe my creativity level is pretty much dead from having procrastinated in my works for so long?

Unfortunately, I am seeing my creativity level as having suffered from all of the procrastination. If I had gone with the “Work first, Play later” philosophy I would have had to be more creative with getting things done on time all the time. Even though creativity is used in last minute cramming of works it isn’t the same level of creativity.

I am already beginning to doubt my decision about this of whether it was killed or grew FROM the procrastination I used frequently.

Cram sessions might have brought along some intense creativity and learning experiences from a different standpoint being required to get the jobs done.

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. – Don Marquis

What do you think?

Social media's influence reaches far and wide

Social media’s influence reaches far and wide


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