Instagram Annoyances

Writing 101, Day 8: Reinvent the Letter Format

Dear person(s) who is/are irritating me on IG,

.       All of the times you comment on someone else’s picture with my tag to try to win a product, all the times y’all share the same supplement push-post repeatedly, and all the times you try to follow-for-follow me either directly or through tagging is the number one reason I need you to remove your account from Instagram permanently.

.       If I knew you personally I would first tell you to stop or consequences would ensue. If you chose to continue your upsetting reign of terror upon the Instagram community, but mainly against myself your phone would be finding itself on a lovely date with either an unstoppable force applied to both ends in the same direction, or quite possibly finally learning how to fly. Temporary as it is.

.       Just because someone else offers something for you to possibly win on IG through a post that does not mean you should tag people you do not even know. Most of us if not all that you tag are not interested in the slightest. The sheer number of people tagged along with those who were the original followers of the post would make your chance slim anyways. Please. Just stop. Your tagging is unappreciated.

.       These follow-for-follow posts are just as annoying that you keep tagging and directing at me. I do not care if you follow me if you are just looking for personal attention. If you are just looking to blow up. I would prefer you just unfollow me which you were going to do anyway once I did follow you back. This has gone to the point of serious spam. This is unacceptable.

.       Just because a page you like shares a supplement advertisement doesn’t mean that the said supplement is worth my time. I am tired of half of my feed being filled with just supplement advertisements. I will never take part on the advertisements you put out there. I go with more reliably tested products. I just want to see a clean feed with all kinds of different posts from all kinds of different people. I use Instagram to enjoy other people’s experiences that they wish to share while sharing some of my own as well.

.       Now let’s enjoy Instagram the way that it should be. Sharing our experiences in life that are each unique in their own way. We only get one life of which we both use and live with differently. Let’s share our adventures through this endeavour.

-Yours Truly-

P. S. If you ever see me take any of these actions on IG you need to direct me back to this letter as a reminder of how I don’t like it.

Please. Please! Stop the nonsense.

Please. Please! Stop the nonsense.


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