What kind of space, blog in, do I, hmm?

To each his or her own in choosing a space in which to write.

My own space is free to a changing environment. Ever-changing as the seasons here. We get both Winter and Summer in the same day. Isn’t it wonderful? Both Christmas and Summer Break at the same time.

My space right this second, for instance, is on a corner desk with high shelves nearing the ceiling. The room is cluttered from the packing process which I took a break from for my studies for the NASM exam. I passed by the way. 🙂

I have a blog prompt box, a tape dispenser, my cell phone, and a spiral with some daily to do notes to my left. Meanwhile, to my right sits a Certified Mail Receipt, a Brisk Iced Tea with lemon bottle filled with water, and a half empty Diet 7-Up. I switched off the EDM music for a second to watch a show on Hulu as I type this post.

My venues for letting out in these blogs sometimes changes day to day. Maybe it will be at a park by the river next, maybe sitting in front of the lake, on the 2.5 mile dam, at a Starbucks, or maybe by the parents’ pool.

What do you think it would be like to be a blogger in space? The view would be fantastic. There would be lots of time for thinking. You could be typing or writing while floating. Doesn’t that sound cool?

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.
– Joseph Campbell –

What kind of space, blog in, do I, hmm?

What kind of space, blog in, do I, hmm?


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