Virtual Coffee Date Virgin

If we were having coffee right this instant for a meetup over the inter-web I would ask for a pardon to go get dressed into something a little more proper for the occasion. Upon my return we would go back and forth with the usual and currently trendy or childlike greetings to each other.

While our coffees would be releasing their aromatic fragrance into our personal airs we would begin delving into how each other’s families and loved ones are doing before diving into the business at hand. Our discussion would more than likely be more business oriented for this moment. During this early conversation I will ask an off-topic question inquiring as to what kind of coffee you are drinking with genuine curiousity. Lucky I’m not a cat, huh?

This entire coffee date would be over live video and not just textual chat. Watching each other’s facial reflections and reactions upon each statement or idea that is presented. Whenever we have ideas that we don’t wish for others to overhear we would still type it out so there’d be less opportunity for others to eavesdrop.

Plans would be made. Goals would be set. Dreams would be closer to reality.

This is something I wish to take part in down the road more often. Time consuming, but an over-the-internet approach at a more personal communication that works.

Virtual Coffee Virgin.JPG

Mi 1st virtual coffee date is with you, the readers 🙂


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