Crunch blogging- short post

End of the year with family and the starting of classes pulled me into other priorities for the last 3-4 weeks. I apologize for not making enough time for this blog. I have returned. I do not know how often I will be able to post, but it will hopefully be at least every week. I will not be able to post DURING the week with classes and work. I was getting two hours of sleep each night this week. I will be trying to put out, at least, a total of 3 posts before the weekend is over. I will be putting out multiple posts at a time even though it means people might miss some posts even easier with the posts running over each other. I’m not worried, though. Putting content out is something I need to put my work into. GOOD CONTENT. I need to focus on both the quality increase and the frequency increase.

No time for posting blogs? Like stated above, I’ll be putting multiple posts out on the weekends. If there is ever a weekend I cannot, then I’ll make sure to find a way to fit it in one way or another.

I am here to improve myself through words and expression of my own. I am not here to give up. I am here to better myself in my grind and hustle mentality. My work ethic was always shot growing up. I was a very smart kid. I wasn’t smart enough to put myself into actually doing the work, unfortunately.

If time is at its absolutely most hectic, then I’ll even type a post out on my phone wherever I’m at. Be that in the school library, at the park, at the gym, or anywhere there is wifi. Wifi right now is a must-have because I JUST hit my Set data limit.


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