Yosemite National Park Travel List

Well, here we are. Returned to finish the travel lists of the two places.

This time, the destination is Yosemite National Park.

What better place is there to do on a trip to Yosemite than to visit Old Faithful? It’s eruptions are pretty timely too. Very extraordinary. It is a photospread of water explosions just waiting to happen. Following here would definitely be the Grand Canyon for a sight see and exploration. This is one of the most popular hiking areas in the park. Twenty miles long and half a mile wide is very impressive. Talk about a giant gash across our land. I don’t think we have bandaids big enough for this one.

In North America, the largest fresh-water lake above 7,000 feet is the Yellowstone Lake. It is very popular among anglers and boaters. Even though I am neither of the two I would take in all of the scenery and beauty of His Creation. Nature has a beauty beyond both words and image.

I really would love to see the Grand Prismatic Spring. The colors are psychodelic. The colors along with the vast and amazing wildlife at the Park are exactly what would make this trip well worth it. One place that would be great to see wildlife would be the Hayden Valley.

The Lower Geyser Basin is astoundingly with mud instead of water. I always thought they were just spewing water. Apparently, the muds here are also highly colored in the geothermic area north of Old Faithful.

For some hiking, I’d definitely have to go out to Mount Washburn. The summit of this mountain reaches over 10,000 feet into the sky. How cool is that?

Do you love bears or wolves? I mean, who doesn’t? Boy, that sounded like a silly question. If you want to learn more about them while seeing a few you can visit the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.


Yosemite National Park Travels


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