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Mean Cookie Handlers

The evening pulsated with a darkness only the shadows knew anything about.

There were reports of aggressive girl scouts selling cookies in the neighborhood as of late.

The couple stepped up their pace as they passed underneath the broken streetlight.

Out from among the shadows stepped a little girl scout…


50 words exactly


Jogging Scene

I’m not at my laptop blogging? Well then. I must be somewhere studying, procrastinating, eating, or working out. I’m pretty simple at the moment in my view.

The lack of my cardiovascular strength is pretty sad. It is a lot further behind that I originally believed. Time to focus on building up the strength of my heart and lungs. Since it is so sad I finally got myself to go for a jog through a neighborhood I used to traverse many times through my childhood. It was more of a jog walk jog type of journey this time. After just the initial jog burst I was breathing pretty hard. I found something I can work on. 🙂 The warmth flowing through my body from the blood being pumped from my left ventricle to my entire body to keep it moving felt amazing with the cool breeze. The endorphins were making me feel absolutely fantastic. I was getting an outdoor and workout high. It sure works great for those good feels if you’re not having the best of days.

The chirping of the birds, in between the bursts of jogs, heard from pulling my earbuds out to breathe better was very melodic. I could feel them in my soul. They were very peaceful.

Near the end of the “Journey of the Jog” was heard with the tings of metallic tools ringing in the air from a house remodeling project.

Sad thing was that there were no friendly gestures or smiles from others today which was very disappointing. That is not a good representation of how we, as Texans, are supposed to behave. We are friendly and outspoken to others as long as you aren’t a possible threat to our fellows.


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Sore Feet and Shins

Liking What I’ve Learned And Wishing For More

Writing 101 Day 2: Write a list

I like what I love. I like what I used to despise. I’ll like new things in the future.

I’ve learned what I’ve been taught. I’ve learned what I didn’t know. I’ve learned from mistakes.

I wish upon a star. I wish from afar. I wish for more. I wish for better. I wish for worse. I wish to learn.

Since short on time, and to keep this from becoming a long-worded read let’s get started.

Things I like

  1. Noticing my own physique gains
  2. Swimming
  3. Laying on cool sheets or a cool leather couch
  4. Completing a big project or task
  5. Playing with both my Canadian cousin and my littlest cousin (his little brother)
  6. Working out
  7. The color blue
  8. Cooking something delicious
  9. Laying on the ground in the outdoors

Things I’ve Learned

  1. Never give up
  2. Follow your passion no matter what others may believe
  3. God is always there for you
  4. Dogs have incredible memories
  5. Ego lifting is bad training
  6. Get your work done before you go out and play
  7. Priorities first
  8. I need to improve my walk. I have the talk down already.
  9. I’m not as “u-g-l-y” as I originally believed

Things I Wish

  1. I wish I was already successful
  2. I wish I could breathe underwater
  3. I wish I hadn’t screwed around in my first few years of college
  4. I wish I knew where I would be in five years
  5. I wish there were multiples of me so I could do everything I wanted. Everything.
  6. I wish I was going to live forever so I could learn everything that interests me.
  7. I wish they would call me about the job already.
  8. I wish I didn’t wait to workout until I was twenty two years old.
  9. I wish my sister and I had more between us than the family cat we had for 14 years.

Favorite Foods

  1. Spaghetti
  2. Breakfast Tacos

The joy that comes around the Christmas season is a HUGE like for me.

Christmas time is the best time!

Christmas time is the best time! Another one of my likes

Countdown to 2016: Day 6

Monday once again. 🙂
Are you excited for the week starting too? Another day another opportunity.
Get your minion on, because this article is brought to you the Dark Jedi Minion. Cue the scary music with heinous laughter.

I am looking forward to starting off, in addition to these daily  posts counting down to the new year, a weekly topic blog. It is another something new for me. We will find out how good it comes along. I already know it will be good. Of course, that is because I will make it that way. I would really love for people to dive into them as if they are in-time conversations.

On a wide swerving side note… I LOVE THE CHRISTMAS TIME OF YEAR! I just updated my phone background to a nice blue Christmas tree wallpaper on the Home screen. I also changed my keyboard theme to a very festive choice. I also changed the font style even though it wasn’t really related to the holiday in any way. It all makes me feel good.

What could possibly be better than being one more Monday closer to Christmas time? The Christmas holiday is being celebrated on a Friday this year. Thank you God it is on a Friday!

My mini-workout for today includes a warm up to start on some speed, agility, and quickness. The main portion begins with a main component, followed by a competitive element, and completed by a fun element. Of course, a cool down is taken advantage of to relax the muscles from the activity.

Have a great Monday, and a fabulous week!

The Monday is strong is in this one

The Monday is strong is in this one

Countdown to 2016: Day 5

I was stuck inside all day today. Rain is fun for a while until it gets more and more in the way of what you yearn to do. All the park grounds are soaked. So, doing any speed, agility, and quickness work would easily tear up any grass there. I don’t want to mess with the beauty of the parks, but I really would like to do some SAQ practice training.

This is a pretty impressive moment captured by a geologist when a portion of the mountain rock fell carving the valley.

This has been a year of flooding for Texas. Seems like we are having floods every month this year since the spring. Always be cautious when you cannot tell how deep the water is. Water might look pretty calm moving while actually being strong enough to pull along cars. It takes six inches or less to lift a car off the road.

Always be wary of water on roads

Always be wary of water on roads