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2015 in review

I would like to start out by apologizing for the lack of posts as of late. Things had gotten pretty busy here with Christmas and family arrivals. Hard to type with little cousins running around the house throwing hard plastic and metal toys every second.

Here is how everything seems to have looked with WordPress for me starting out this year. Much room for progress. I look forward to posting more blogs, and connecting with you all.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 220 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Back Home For Christmas

I hope every single one of y’all are having an absolutely blessed Christmas time with your families. I am currently on the way back home after having visited the grandparents for half the day. I would rather have stayed, but work at 2:00 AM. You know the drill.

We are still on the road, and my eyes can barely stay open right now. I’ve been up for 17 hours after 3 hours of sleep. So, I’ll just keep this short.

Have a very merry and blessed Christmas! Be merry with friends, and loving with the family members.

Big reminder as some people can be forgetful with all the outside pressures; Christmas is about Christ being sacrificed to save us from sin. All the presents. Santa, elves on the shelf are not important, and these can serve as distractions to the main picture of what the season is really all about. Take time and sit in quiet to help get your mind right if that’s what you need to get back on track if you are slipping. I know I sure have been struggling. I am very recently taking big strides into improving myself this last half week. Never going to stop either.

Merry Christmas! Love you all!


Barcelona Travel List

If I was to choose two places right now to go visit it would be Barcelona and Yosemite National Park.

I admit that I ended up searching with Google for ideas of what would be fun to check out in both places. Here is a list with the light detail of everything that fascinates me into wanting to go even more.

Let’s begin with Barcelona.

There is the famous Parc Guell. It is one of the world’s most impressive man-made landscapes. The artistic style and Catalan culture is evident through he park’s numerous walking trails. While I’m here I’d go explore the Sala Hipostila which is an indoor marketplace that greets you with tiled lizards up the stairs. This is the destination where you’ll find the infamous mosaic snake-like bench that is said to be the longest in the world.

Do you love food? Who doesn’t? I know I sure do. If you don’t you have no need to worry. I’ll make up the difference for you. 😉

“A trip to the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria is a must.” This is a plaza with lots of local butchers, bakers, and farmers. Food, food, and more food. Mmm. “One TripAdvisor reviewer called the Boqueria ‘Aladdin’s cave of the highest quality produce of every type and variety.'”

Foodie Heaven

Remember that I’m using a list of top things to do in Barcelona. I’ll only be listing what sounds amazing for my visit, though.

I might want to visit Las Ramblas, a busy neighborhood in central Barcelona, to check out the 200-foot high column with Christopher Columbus looking down on the city from the top.

Have you ever heard of La Sagrada Familia or Church of the Sacred Family? It is still under construction to this very day. It began in 1882 by Antoni Gaudi. When I visit I will definitely have to check out the “Nativity Facade“. The extra costs for entrance into some of the interiors here will definitely be well worth the spending. It sounds like an absolutely amazing experience.

Another beautiful place I will visit is the well-recognized Casa Batllo. According to one traveler on TripAdvisor, the free audio guide is very helpful, and it will give you much more information about the place.

I am almost planning out my trip already. This sounds exciting. It would not be a short trip. Easily over a week. Maybe two or three even though three does sound a little stretched.

I will definitely have to visit the FC Barcelona‘s Camp Nou Stadium. Definitely! Futbol. Soccer. :))) Happiness.

“According to recent travelers, December is one of the best times to visit La Seu, as the courtyard comes to life with local craftsmen selling homemade Christmas decorations.” TAKE ALL MY MONEY! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Pablo! Picasso. Pablo! Picasso. Oh, wait. That isn’t the right name. Oh, well. Picasso is infamous as well. As are his works. There is the Picasso Museum that would be a splendid place to check out and take your time in. They even put a lot of his works into a timeline of sorts. This museum holds more than several thousand pieces by him. They even include artists he was inspired by.

It looks like I will definitely be doing a lot of photography on this trip when and if it goes down. My mother is an art teacher that is dear to my heart, and I want to show her some of what I see.

Now this one sounds interesting. Casa Mila, nicknamed La Pedrera, is a fortress-like building with no single straight wall or right-angled corner in its entirety. Casa Mila is now Barcelona’s cultural center, but it was originally constructed as a home.

Ooh! Here is a fun one. Palace of Catalan Music (Palau de la Musica Catalana), which is apparently not as flashy as some others of Gaudi’s works, but still has some beautiful works of its own. Some famous musicians being depicted include Bach and Beethoven. The interior of this UNESCO World Heritage Site features popular Catalan music. No fancy palace is complete without a massive stained glass central skylight either.

It looks like I’ll just save the Yosemite “travel plans” for the next post. 🙂 This ended up longer than I expected.

Now, who doesn’t want to see a castle? Montjuic Castle, Castell de Montjuic, would be a great start. The Pentagon of castles, “it helped defend the city from many an attack.” Take the tour. Imagine being one of the defenders during times of the era. How did they live? How did they fight? Did you survive?

It is also recommended to stay until after the sun sets to watch a “spectacular” light and waterworks show at the Magic Fountain.

What better way to finish things off than with a nice breath of sea air. The Mediterranean Sea to be more exact. At the southern end of the Passeig Maritime of the Barceloneta district is Port Olimpic. Port Olimpic is widely recognized by two skyscrapers against the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t worry. There are plenty of restaurants and bars for a bite to eat and drink while you enjoy the salty air.

I really would love to go now after looking at all of these places. It would be a blast.


Barcelona Travels


Happy Thanks

I don’t have much time as guests are already flowing in so here’s a quick list of the things I am immediately thankful for this very moment.

  • I am thankful for God giving me another opportunity through another day of life.
  • I am thankful that my family still loves me.
  • I am thankful for having two faithful parents and a loving sister.
  • I am thankful for having two pairs of grandparents still.
  • I am thankful for how I am told that I am a positive influence on the other cousins even when I do not see myself in that light.
  • I am thankful for the soon to be available food on this holiday.
  • I am thankful for America.
  • I am thankful for the fall weather and leaves. It really helps with the mood setting.
  • I am thankful for securing a temporary job for the season before school starts.
  • I will be thankful for coffee later tonight when I’m working.
  • I am thankful that I get to go back to my hometown’s school again.
  • I am thankful for having clothes on my back.
  • I am thankful for good habits growing lately no matter how slowly.
  • I am thankful for God and family.
  • I am thankful for the chance to do good.
  • I am thankful for the chance to write and share this seemingly simple list of things that I am thankful for.
  • I am thankful to my readers for taking time out of their day to read what I post.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!


Testing the Yoga Waters

Blogging 101, Day Nine: Be Inspired By the Neighbors


I left a comment to the post “Day 61 & 62: Sore Legs and Healthy Meal Prep” by Rachel of Mission Trimpossible. Check out Rachel’s blog!

As a certified personal trainer I should always be looking to experience more activities and routes to living a healthier life. Yoga is one that I have been considering trying out. I did the first five days of the “30 Days of Yoga” by Yoga with Adriene. I will be starting it back up from Day 6 shortly. It surely does get me sweating with the holds. It isn’t difficult for me to get to sweating, but holds are something that have always been hard working for my body. No matter the activity.

It was pretty cool finding this blog post talking about the same youtube yoga challenge I had just been put up to. It was fun timing. The Day 6 that I will be starting it back up with was Rachel’s at-the-moment favorite day of the challenge apparently too. So, I am definitely looking forward to starting it back up with that day.

Yoga will be a great thing for my body. I currently struggle with long holds, and my flexibility and mobility are shot compared to how they should be. I might take it up for a good amount of time on and off if it works out nicely as a rehabilitative focus for me and my body. It is quite calming too sometimes. Of course, that is depending on what environment you place yourself in while taking part in it.

Try new things. Live life. Be happy. Be awesome. Hug your parents.

I love the ocean. I’ve always liked the blue, so tranquil and peaceful and gliding. And the fear of it. – Siouxsie Sioux


Yoga Adventure Time

16: Digging is exercise too

“Holes” reference 🙂

Since I only have studying going on for these few days I thought that I would try out another poetry generator. Got one that actually makes sense about me. Surprisingly.

Speedy: Dig My Shaping

What shall I do about it
With an exercise in mass poetry.
and above all he will get spit at
when by shapes my words are known, I try

I’ve realized I will have another two final chapters to finish the book tomorrow. Then I will be focusing on using a study guide I came across a few months back. I have not decided yet whether I will split it into 7 chapters, 7 chapters, and 6 chapters each day to review before the day of the exam. Or, if I want to go 10 chapters both of the first two days, and to have a rough review over the entire thing the day before the exam.

Today I hopped on the piano for the first time in many years. Basically, since childhood. There is so much of the technical stuff that I do not recognize and remember at all. I am still interested in eventually becoming good enough to play on the holidays for my family. I would enjoy playing for them.

The bear pictured below is just like the exam that I have to conquer in a few days. I must prepare myself to take it down before it does so to me. Preparedness is key. If I am not prepared it will maul me in a way of words. I wish to pass beyond the bear. I wish to pass beyond the test. My life is “beyond” this singular point of a bear test. I am a hunter in this story. I will be victorious. I will be smart. I will succeed. I. Will. Pass.

Mr. Bear = Mr. Exam

Mr. Bear = Mr. Exam

I forgot about a brief note I took early on until just now. So here is an addition for an EDIT:

Only slept 3 hours from 10pm to 1am. This includes the time I woke up halfway through. Still tired, but somehow more alert. I must’ve gotten some of that dark deep sleep even with the light on right above where I lay. I ate a nicely sized meal. So, time to hit the book. Got to get ready for the exam. Especially considering the code I received to rake it free of charge didn’t set my given account up correctly with the ability to take the free practice exam everyone else is receiving. As long as I pass it’ll be fine. Good thing I’m going to be making sure of that. I at least have this thick review topic packet telling me an idea of what I should be studying. I can use it to do a more focused study after I finish going all the way through the textbook. I’m sure some people would recommend me to just use the review packet to only study specifics in the book. I prefer the idea of finishing with my half-the-book highlighting style that I’ve got going for me right now already. It will possibly make it a little easier when I have to study according to topic searches next.

I tried my first wasabi pea from a bowl at the house today. I could easily see myself eating these every day. The way of the crunch alone is enough to addict me. The lone reason I’d get addicted to consuming them. They seem pretty bland. The texture was superb though.

Countdown to 2016: Day 13

I woke up freezing in a cold sweat. A nasty reaction from having worn a cold and soaked shirt during my drive back to the house from the AWESOME training camp. Luckily, it was the final night in those sheets so I only need to wash them once more. I didn’t think packing would take so long!

So many boxes. So many bags. So much time spent packing for the move back.

The drive was quite long. At least it seems so for me. Only three hours on the drive. It might not be a twelve hour drive like some of you do, but it is still a lot for myself. I only had an apple to eat and a coffee before I left. I had four mentos and a bag of sliced carrots. It is a drastic improvement from the usual two monsters, two protein bars, and a Deli-Style Mustard Pretzel bag. What was the music of choice for this drive? Don Omar and Smooth Jazz

Since I didn’t eat anything before I made it home, in an effort to consume as many calories as possible I made a bad choice in eating some Bush’s Chicken. I’m sure it covered at least a thousand calories. I still need a little more before I go to sleep though. I feel bad for making the poor choice of food. No excuses allowed in slacking off in my coming up workouts I guess.

By the end of today I’m finally feeling a little sore from the training camp. Feels so good.

Home is where the WiFi connects automatically

Moving takes a lot of time and creates a lot of mess

Moving takes a lot of time and creates a lot of mess