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Springtime Updates ;)

I am sorry for the complete lack of posts and reach in here. This is an update while I wait for my class to begin. So, this will be pretty brief 🙂

Twitter & Other Handles:
      I updated all of my handles from Facebook to others such as LinkedIn to the name @iamspeedyalex. Snapchat does not allow username changes at the moment. So, @iamspeedyalex shows as my display name after I’ve been added.

     I started with an idea to squat every day for 60 days from seeing an interesting set of videos on YouTube where Mike Rashid was doing it from back in 2015.  Essays and exams took literally all of my time immediately after Day 1 last week.  Today I will be getting in Day 3 of the restarted challenge. I have had a crippling headache since the first Day 1 of the original attempt at the challenge.  Today, two of my friends did their Day 1. Isn’t that exciting? More people hopping on the Squat Train!

New Book:
I’ve made a plan to read a new book every 3 weeks. This will keep me moving quickly into my textual learning and towards a healthier consistency in my knowledge increase.  I’m grinding through #365IDEAS by John Sparks right now. The plan is for me to begin a new book, the #AskGaryVee on Saturday.

Dietary Status:
    I fell off pretty hard from lack of funding for easy follow through on how I used to grocery shop. I didn’t put forth the effort to improve in smarter shopping. I stopped cooking every day, and I stopped paying attention completely to my caloric count.  My weight didn’t spike, but with my recent extreme lack of sleep I really could benefit even more from proper dietary nutrition. Even in the least of consuming enough calories to supply my body with at least enough energy to make it through the day. I am back at working towards paying strict attention. Just starting overall caloric counting. I will be paying more attention to the detailing of where and how much comes from what.

Business Planning:
I had a few meeting with some social media and branding specialists. Currently working on some business homework and organizing. Taxes, legalities, socials, and relationship building. I am currently refreshing my knowledge in training planning ideas and strategies.

To Come:
Eventually the posts will be switched to a more business standpoint under the name of @iamspeedyalex
@iamspeedyalex is what I’m branding as myself. Having a common name isn’t always a good thing 😉

End Spring Update

Spring Updating


More On Why We Don’t Squat

Unilateral training has always been an interest of mine. I still love typical squats for myself. The “Monkey See, Monkey Do” philosophy in a gym environment isn’t something that I had thought about much. He makes a great point. By the way, Michael Boyle is “mad smart”. I was lucky enough to attend a seminar he spoke and worked with “us” at. The 2015 Perform Better Seminar took place in Austin on Saturday, Valentine’s Day. He was excellent! Check him out.

Michael Boyle's Strengthcoach.com Blog

A recent thread on our StrengthCoach.com site made me realize I need to continue to write about why we don’t squat. I still don’t think people realize that my decision to stop doing back and front squats was not a knee jerk, attention grabbing ploy but rather the culmination of a twenty year long thought process. Our changes were based on years of lifting, coaching and observation. Our decision to switch to unilateral exercises was based on three thoughts:

1- Number of back issues we were seeing in our groups. Our number one mandate is “do no harm”. Although we did not have many serious back issues I would say at any given time in our collegiate strength program a minimum of 10-20 percent of our athletes would be dealing with back pain that limited the athlete and caused us to modify their training. I struggled to accept the idea…

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Virtual Coffee Date Virgin

If we were having coffee right this instant for a meetup over the inter-web I would ask for a pardon to go get dressed into something a little more proper for the occasion. Upon my return we would go back and forth with the usual and currently trendy or childlike greetings to each other.

While our coffees would be releasing their aromatic fragrance into our personal airs we would begin delving into how each other’s families and loved ones are doing before diving into the business at hand. Our discussion would more than likely be more business oriented for this moment. During this early conversation I will ask an off-topic question inquiring as to what kind of coffee you are drinking with genuine curiousity. Lucky I’m not a cat, huh?

This entire coffee date would be over live video and not just textual chat. Watching each other’s facial reflections and reactions upon each statement or idea that is presented. Whenever we have ideas that we don’t wish for others to overhear we would still type it out so there’d be less opportunity for others to eavesdrop.

Plans would be made. Goals would be set. Dreams would be closer to reality.

This is something I wish to take part in down the road more often. Time consuming, but an over-the-internet approach at a more personal communication that works.

Virtual Coffee Virgin.JPG

Mi 1st virtual coffee date is with you, the readers 🙂

Jogging Scene

I’m not at my laptop blogging? Well then. I must be somewhere studying, procrastinating, eating, or working out. I’m pretty simple at the moment in my view.

The lack of my cardiovascular strength is pretty sad. It is a lot further behind that I originally believed. Time to focus on building up the strength of my heart and lungs. Since it is so sad I finally got myself to go for a jog through a neighborhood I used to traverse many times through my childhood. It was more of a jog walk jog type of journey this time. After just the initial jog burst I was breathing pretty hard. I found something I can work on. 🙂 The warmth flowing through my body from the blood being pumped from my left ventricle to my entire body to keep it moving felt amazing with the cool breeze. The endorphins were making me feel absolutely fantastic. I was getting an outdoor and workout high. It sure works great for those good feels if you’re not having the best of days.

The chirping of the birds, in between the bursts of jogs, heard from pulling my earbuds out to breathe better was very melodic. I could feel them in my soul. They were very peaceful.

Near the end of the “Journey of the Jog” was heard with the tings of metallic tools ringing in the air from a house remodeling project.

Sad thing was that there were no friendly gestures or smiles from others today which was very disappointing. That is not a good representation of how we, as Texans, are supposed to behave. We are friendly and outspoken to others as long as you aren’t a possible threat to our fellows.


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Sore Feet and Shins

Testing the Yoga Waters

Blogging 101, Day Nine: Be Inspired By the Neighbors


I left a comment to the post “Day 61 & 62: Sore Legs and Healthy Meal Prep” by Rachel of Mission Trimpossible. Check out Rachel’s blog!

As a certified personal trainer I should always be looking to experience more activities and routes to living a healthier life. Yoga is one that I have been considering trying out. I did the first five days of the “30 Days of Yoga” by Yoga with Adriene. I will be starting it back up from Day 6 shortly. It surely does get me sweating with the holds. It isn’t difficult for me to get to sweating, but holds are something that have always been hard working for my body. No matter the activity.

It was pretty cool finding this blog post talking about the same youtube yoga challenge I had just been put up to. It was fun timing. The Day 6 that I will be starting it back up with was Rachel’s at-the-moment favorite day of the challenge apparently too. So, I am definitely looking forward to starting it back up with that day.

Yoga will be a great thing for my body. I currently struggle with long holds, and my flexibility and mobility are shot compared to how they should be. I might take it up for a good amount of time on and off if it works out nicely as a rehabilitative focus for me and my body. It is quite calming too sometimes. Of course, that is depending on what environment you place yourself in while taking part in it.

Try new things. Live life. Be happy. Be awesome. Hug your parents.

I love the ocean. I’ve always liked the blue, so tranquil and peaceful and gliding. And the fear of it. – Siouxsie Sioux


Yoga Adventure Time

16: Digging is exercise too

“Holes” reference 🙂

Since I only have studying going on for these few days I thought that I would try out another poetry generator. Got one that actually makes sense about me. Surprisingly.

Speedy: Dig My Shaping

What shall I do about it
With an exercise in mass poetry.
and above all he will get spit at
when by shapes my words are known, I try

I’ve realized I will have another two final chapters to finish the book tomorrow. Then I will be focusing on using a study guide I came across a few months back. I have not decided yet whether I will split it into 7 chapters, 7 chapters, and 6 chapters each day to review before the day of the exam. Or, if I want to go 10 chapters both of the first two days, and to have a rough review over the entire thing the day before the exam.

Today I hopped on the piano for the first time in many years. Basically, since childhood. There is so much of the technical stuff that I do not recognize and remember at all. I am still interested in eventually becoming good enough to play on the holidays for my family. I would enjoy playing for them.

The bear pictured below is just like the exam that I have to conquer in a few days. I must prepare myself to take it down before it does so to me. Preparedness is key. If I am not prepared it will maul me in a way of words. I wish to pass beyond the bear. I wish to pass beyond the test. My life is “beyond” this singular point of a bear test. I am a hunter in this story. I will be victorious. I will be smart. I will succeed. I. Will. Pass.

Mr. Bear = Mr. Exam

Mr. Bear = Mr. Exam

I forgot about a brief note I took early on until just now. So here is an addition for an EDIT:

Only slept 3 hours from 10pm to 1am. This includes the time I woke up halfway through. Still tired, but somehow more alert. I must’ve gotten some of that dark deep sleep even with the light on right above where I lay. I ate a nicely sized meal. So, time to hit the book. Got to get ready for the exam. Especially considering the code I received to rake it free of charge didn’t set my given account up correctly with the ability to take the free practice exam everyone else is receiving. As long as I pass it’ll be fine. Good thing I’m going to be making sure of that. I at least have this thick review topic packet telling me an idea of what I should be studying. I can use it to do a more focused study after I finish going all the way through the textbook. I’m sure some people would recommend me to just use the review packet to only study specifics in the book. I prefer the idea of finishing with my half-the-book highlighting style that I’ve got going for me right now already. It will possibly make it a little easier when I have to study according to topic searches next.

I tried my first wasabi pea from a bowl at the house today. I could easily see myself eating these every day. The way of the crunch alone is enough to addict me. The lone reason I’d get addicted to consuming them. They seem pretty bland. The texture was superb though.

15: The Climb

I didn’t have much material I could use from a lack of variety throughout the day this time. So, I found a fun poem generator to try out. I like it.

Speedy: The Climb

Stealthily home
Pursue expensive to heat rainy winter
Light frisks
My primary passion is cold rain

Somebody passionate
Meaningful you.

Today is the day that the Lord has made. It is also a day of one of the only years in the last many where I got a Christmas wish list thrown together to help act as guidance for those interested.

Today, and a few of the immediately following days are filled with exam studying for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I truly regret the seemingly small distractions I allowed along the way. They don’t seem so small anymore. They turned out to be huge time consumers. Cram session is not just a phrase. It is going to be my life for the next couple days. About 4 days more days of study time left. This is not going to be easy one little bit.

Oh! I got the laundry done too. 🙂 I got the laundry completed just in time for my friend and I to go do our planned sprints, but the rains canceled the current plans that we had for this Saturday afternoon. It was going to be such a tough and fun time too. 😦

This wonderfully terrible poem was non-generated

This wonderfully terrible poem was non-generated by yours truly 😉 Still carries meaning

Luke 2:11 “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”