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Springtime Updates ;)

I am sorry for the complete lack of posts and reach in here. This is an update while I wait for my class to begin. So, this will be pretty brief ūüôā

Twitter & Other Handles:
¬† ¬† ¬† I updated all of my handles from Facebook to others such as LinkedIn to the name @iamspeedyalex. Snapchat does not allow username changes at the moment. So, @iamspeedyalex shows as my display name after I’ve been added.

¬† ¬† ¬†I started with an idea to squat every day for 60 days from seeing an interesting set of videos on YouTube where Mike Rashid was doing it from back in 2015. ¬†Essays and exams took literally all of my time immediately after Day 1 last week. ¬†Today I will be getting in Day 3 of the restarted challenge. I have had a crippling headache since the first Day 1 of the original attempt at the challenge. ¬†Today, two of my friends did their Day 1. Isn’t that exciting? More people hopping on the Squat Train!

New Book:
I’ve made a plan to read a new book every 3 weeks. This will keep me moving quickly into my textual learning and towards a healthier consistency in my knowledge increase. ¬†I’m grinding through #365IDEAS by John Sparks right now. The plan is for me to begin a new book, the #AskGaryVee on Saturday.

Dietary Status:
¬† ¬† I fell off pretty hard from lack of funding for easy follow through on how I used to grocery shop. I didn’t put forth the effort to improve in smarter shopping. I stopped cooking every day, and I stopped paying attention completely to my caloric count. ¬†My weight didn’t spike, but with my recent extreme lack of sleep I really could benefit even more from proper dietary nutrition. Even in the least of consuming enough calories to supply my body with at least enough energy to make it through the day. I am back at working towards paying strict attention. Just starting overall caloric counting. I will be paying more attention to the detailing of where and how much comes from what.

Business Planning:
I had a few meeting with some social media and branding specialists. Currently working on some business homework and organizing. Taxes, legalities, socials, and relationship building. I am currently refreshing my knowledge in training planning ideas and strategies.

To Come:
Eventually the posts will be switched to a more business standpoint under the name of @iamspeedyalex
@iamspeedyalex is what I’m branding as myself. Having a common name isn’t always a good thing ūüėČ

End Spring Update

Spring Updating


Countdown to 2016: Day 13

I woke up freezing in a cold sweat. A nasty reaction from having worn a cold and soaked shirt during my drive back to the house from the AWESOME training camp. Luckily, it was the final night in those sheets so I only need to wash them once more. I didn’t think packing would take so long!

So many boxes. So many bags. So much time spent packing for the move back.

The drive was quite long. At least it seems so for me. Only three hours on the drive. It might not be a twelve hour drive like some of you do, but it is still a lot for myself. I only had an apple to eat and a coffee before I left. I had four mentos and a bag of sliced carrots. It is a drastic improvement from the usual two monsters, two protein bars, and a Deli-Style Mustard Pretzel bag. What was the music of choice for this drive? Don Omar and Smooth Jazz

Since I didn’t eat anything before I made it home, in an effort to consume as many calories as possible I made a bad choice in eating some Bush’s Chicken. I’m sure it covered at least a thousand calories. I still need a little more before I go to sleep though. I feel bad for making the poor choice of food. No excuses allowed in slacking off in my coming up workouts I guess.

By the end of today I’m finally feeling a little sore from the training camp. Feels so good.

Home is where the WiFi connects automatically

Moving takes a lot of time and creates a lot of mess

Moving takes a lot of time and creates a lot of mess