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Springtime Updates ;)

I am sorry for the complete lack of posts and reach in here. This is an update while I wait for my class to begin. So, this will be pretty brief ūüôā

Twitter & Other Handles:
¬† ¬† ¬† I updated all of my handles from Facebook to others such as LinkedIn to the name @iamspeedyalex. Snapchat does not allow username changes at the moment. So, @iamspeedyalex shows as my display name after I’ve been added.

¬† ¬† ¬†I started with an idea to squat every day for 60 days from seeing an interesting set of videos on YouTube where Mike Rashid was doing it from back in 2015. ¬†Essays and exams took literally all of my time immediately after Day 1 last week. ¬†Today I will be getting in Day 3 of the restarted challenge. I have had a crippling headache since the first Day 1 of the original attempt at the challenge. ¬†Today, two of my friends did their Day 1. Isn’t that exciting? More people hopping on the Squat Train!

New Book:
I’ve made a plan to read a new book every 3 weeks. This will keep me moving quickly into my textual learning and towards a healthier consistency in my knowledge increase. ¬†I’m grinding through #365IDEAS by John Sparks right now. The plan is for me to begin a new book, the #AskGaryVee on Saturday.

Dietary Status:
¬† ¬† I fell off pretty hard from lack of funding for easy follow through on how I used to grocery shop. I didn’t put forth the effort to improve in smarter shopping. I stopped cooking every day, and I stopped paying attention completely to my caloric count. ¬†My weight didn’t spike, but with my recent extreme lack of sleep I really could benefit even more from proper dietary nutrition. Even in the least of consuming enough calories to supply my body with at least enough energy to make it through the day. I am back at working towards paying strict attention. Just starting overall caloric counting. I will be paying more attention to the detailing of where and how much comes from what.

Business Planning:
I had a few meeting with some social media and branding specialists. Currently working on some business homework and organizing. Taxes, legalities, socials, and relationship building. I am currently refreshing my knowledge in training planning ideas and strategies.

To Come:
Eventually the posts will be switched to a more business standpoint under the name of @iamspeedyalex
@iamspeedyalex is what I’m branding as myself. Having a common name isn’t always a good thing ūüėČ

End Spring Update

Spring Updating


A Ducktales Update


A little update: They really need to let students know which classes will have out-of-class projects and meetings. A lot of us base our work and other studies around our specific class scheduling we initially signed on for. I don’t even have the time on the weekends to play catch up in sleep. My workout immediately fell back down with these specific classes. I’m slowly figuring out how to make it work, but it had me stressed out right from the start. I’d have to dedicate entire weekends to 1 of 4 subjects. Each subject can fill the entire thing. I am taking Spanish to learn it. I’m not taking it to barely pass the course. I will to become fluent in Espanol someday.

Second Lil update: I have started crunching my media presence pretty hard recently. I even brought back my absent Twitter handle “Alex_Co254”. I still have a lot of improving in Snapchat and IG, but my Twitter has greatly improved. I am very happy with how much better it is now than it used to be.

I still have my blog posts list of ideas and projects. There is also my prompt box. I have no excuses to slack on WordPress. I am sorry for not communicating and sharing. I allowed myself to become overwhelmed with the mass of things I am a part of, and that I pay attention to.

Thank you for taking the time out of your irreplaceable day to read my posts.

A few of the project ideas I have are great. I just need to put them out there.

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Happy Thanks

I don’t have much time as guests are already flowing in so here’s a quick list of the things I am immediately thankful for this very moment.

  • I am thankful for God giving me another opportunity through another day of life.
  • I am thankful that my family still loves me.
  • I am thankful for having two faithful parents and a loving sister.
  • I am thankful for having two pairs of grandparents still.
  • I am thankful for how I am told that I am a positive influence on the other cousins even when I do not see myself in that light.
  • I am thankful for the soon to be available food on this holiday.
  • I am thankful for America.
  • I am thankful for the fall weather and leaves. It really helps with the mood setting.
  • I am thankful for securing a temporary job for the season before school starts.
  • I will be thankful for coffee later tonight when I’m working.
  • I am thankful that I get to go back to my hometown’s school again.
  • I am thankful for having clothes on my back.
  • I am thankful for good habits growing lately no matter how slowly.
  • I am thankful for God and family.
  • I am thankful for the chance to do good.
  • I am thankful for the chance to write and share this seemingly simple list of things that I am thankful for.
  • I am thankful to my readers for taking time out of their day to read what I post.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!


Countdown to 2016: Day 8

I admitted to my impatience mere hours before receiving my physical acceptance letter through the post. Next stop is to see an academic advisor(er) once again. Decided against taking part in the Athletic Training AS program at MCC. Just going to take care of as many personal interest classes as I can while here to save money. Also, going to be taking part in however many classes that will work towards my University of Houston Exercise Science degree plan that I really want to do. So, core curriculum towards Exercise Science, Classroom Spanish, Business and Marketing, and Public Speaking are most of the classes I am hoping to take while here to save money from the larger university.

Don’t just attend college to “Go to college.” If you go to college you better be taking part instead of wasting time not investing yourself in where your money and more importantly your time is. This took me a long while to really get closer to the mindset for. I’m a lot stronger in this aspect, and more invested in myself than when I first graduated high school. It had a lot to do with disappointments in association with many things, but I still should have tried a lot harder starting out. One disappointment was just the fact I ended up starting at a community college after having a full ride to Texas Christian University on scoring decently high in both the SAT and ACT, going into the military, and having talked for months setting up an EXTREMELY unorthodox way of work for pay with the school to cover the remaining of the tuition. The remaining of the tuition was a minimum of a third.

I got to hang out with another little cousin of mine today. It was so much fun. I cannot believe I steered clear of family for so long when I had the opportunity. I don’t miss people much when I am away, but I am beginning to learn to appreciate what an amazingly great thing I have with them.

I still have another 200 pages to read of the National Academy of Sports Medicine textbook. This is taking a bit longer than would have liked. I love the content though. I will be skimming back over the entire thing once complete it this first time. Luckily I highlighted half the book already. So, it won’t take even nearly the same amount of time around the second time. Only two weeks until I take the exam. I’m a little anxious. Excited to take it after all this time this year anticipating it.

Once I’ve completed the NASM I will be studying even more of notes taken past, and even more texts I own. I have enough texts to hold me down for about a year possibly.

Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out.”

Engage yourself in your education

Engage yourself in your education

Countdown to 2016: Day 4

Got an online order in the mail today. One of the products was wrong… Just frustrating. Even more so considering it was an overseas ship. The shipping is more than the actual items that were messed up too. So, I would rather not pay shipping to just get it fixed. Hopefully they’ll just send me the proper ones free of charge.

Just waiting on the “official” letter of acceptance to MCC to come through the mail. Honestly, it would have seemed a little sad had I not been accepted lol. Especially considering I raised my grade point average to 3.0 from 1.4 in one semester “About a year ago”… and a half. I am not going for the title that comes through completing education, but the learning that comes from being taught or teaching oneself. I am looking forward to being back in the classroom environment. To be able to use classes to get closer to knowing more and more about fitness and health is very cool to me.

I have had a lot of trouble as a Christian throughout the years. I have made a lot of mistakes. I cannot do it alone. I WILL strengthen my relationship with Him in my life. I will also be strengthening my bonds with my family. These are the two things I want to say are even more important to me than becoming a personal trainer, but I have been putting them on the sidelines instead. That Will Change! Proper prioritizing in the works.

Homecoming game victory! I missed out on the game, but I had a nice breakfast pre-game at George’s¬†with the family for some good food.

Baylor puts up 45 Pts to beat Iowa State. Bears have not lost in Waco since 2012. Seth Russell : 197 Yds & 2 TD

Undefeated at Home for 3 years

Undefeated at Home for 3 years – pic post courtesy of @SportsCenter

Countdown to 2016: Day 2

It is ALMOST official! Placed application at the nearby community today with a following visit to a school advisor. I will be seeing them again next week with a deeper delve into¬†transferables and overall personal planning. I’m very excited!

Kinesiology in Athletic Training and Exercise Science in Health Professions are current idea plans. ¬†I’m looking more at what the Plans include in the education more so than just the title of degrees. I don’t care as much about having a degree as actually learning what will help me in my life’s pursuits of being awesome!

A second interview is lined up with Gold’s Gym tomorrow. Wish me luck ūüôā

I received a package in the mail yesterday with some epic stuff. It included a handled resistance band and an SAQ book. I don’t know when I will actually get to read it seeing how I have a stack of professional books to read through on top of the textbooks I’ll be adding from starting standard college classes back up.

Lots of work, but hopefully lots of fun with it too. I’ll make sure I enjoy it.

Back to the College grind

Back to the College grind