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Countdown to 2016: Day 4

Got an online order in the mail today. One of the products was wrong… Just frustrating. Even more so considering it was an overseas ship. The shipping is more than the actual items that were messed up too. So, I would rather not pay shipping to just get it fixed. Hopefully they’ll just send me the proper ones free of charge.

Just waiting on the “official” letter of acceptance to MCC to come through the mail. Honestly, it would have seemed a little sad had I not been accepted lol. Especially considering I raised my grade point average to 3.0 from 1.4 in one semester “About a year ago”… and a half. I am not going for the title that comes through completing education, but the learning that comes from being taught or teaching oneself. I am looking forward to being back in the classroom environment. To be able to use classes to get closer to knowing more and more about fitness and health is very cool to me.

I have had a lot of trouble as a Christian throughout the years. I have made a lot of mistakes. I cannot do it alone. I WILL strengthen my relationship with Him in my life. I will also be strengthening my bonds with my family. These are the two things I want to say are even more important to me than becoming a personal trainer, but I have been putting them on the sidelines instead. That Will Change! Proper prioritizing in the works.

Homecoming game victory! I missed out on the game, but I had a nice breakfast pre-game at George’s with the family for some good food.

Baylor puts up 45 Pts to beat Iowa State. Bears have not lost in Waco since 2012. Seth Russell : 197 Yds & 2 TD

Undefeated at Home for 3 years

Undefeated at Home for 3 years – pic post courtesy of @SportsCenter