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Barcelona Travel List

If I was to choose two places right now to go visit it would be Barcelona and Yosemite National Park.

I admit that I ended up searching with Google for ideas of what would be fun to check out in both places. Here is a list with the light detail of everything that fascinates me into wanting to go even more.

Let’s begin with Barcelona.

There is the famous Parc Guell. It is one of the world’s most impressive man-made landscapes. The artistic style and Catalan culture is evident through he park’s numerous walking trails. While I’m here I’d go explore the Sala Hipostila which is an indoor marketplace that greets you with tiled lizards up the stairs. This is the destination where you’ll find the infamous mosaic snake-like bench that is said to be the longest in the world.

Do you love food? Who doesn’t? I know I sure do. If you don’t you have no need to worry. I’ll make up the difference for you. 😉

“A trip to the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria is a must.” This is a plaza with lots of local butchers, bakers, and farmers. Food, food, and more food. Mmm. “One TripAdvisor reviewer called the Boqueria ‘Aladdin’s cave of the highest quality produce of every type and variety.'”

Foodie Heaven

Remember that I’m using a list of top things to do in Barcelona. I’ll only be listing what sounds amazing for my visit, though.

I might want to visit Las Ramblas, a busy neighborhood in central Barcelona, to check out the 200-foot high column with Christopher Columbus looking down on the city from the top.

Have you ever heard of La Sagrada Familia or Church of the Sacred Family? It is still under construction to this very day. It began in 1882 by Antoni Gaudi. When I visit I will definitely have to check out the “Nativity Facade“. The extra costs for entrance into some of the interiors here will definitely be well worth the spending. It sounds like an absolutely amazing experience.

Another beautiful place I will visit is the well-recognized Casa Batllo. According to one traveler on TripAdvisor, the free audio guide is very helpful, and it will give you much more information about the place.

I am almost planning out my trip already. This sounds exciting. It would not be a short trip. Easily over a week. Maybe two or three even though three does sound a little stretched.

I will definitely have to visit the FC Barcelona‘s Camp Nou Stadium. Definitely! Futbol. Soccer. :))) Happiness.

“According to recent travelers, December is one of the best times to visit La Seu, as the courtyard comes to life with local craftsmen selling homemade Christmas decorations.” TAKE ALL MY MONEY! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Pablo! Picasso. Pablo! Picasso. Oh, wait. That isn’t the right name. Oh, well. Picasso is infamous as well. As are his works. There is the Picasso Museum that would be a splendid place to check out and take your time in. They even put a lot of his works into a timeline of sorts. This museum holds more than several thousand pieces by him. They even include artists he was inspired by.

It looks like I will definitely be doing a lot of photography on this trip when and if it goes down. My mother is an art teacher that is dear to my heart, and I want to show her some of what I see.

Now this one sounds interesting. Casa Mila, nicknamed La Pedrera, is a fortress-like building with no single straight wall or right-angled corner in its entirety. Casa Mila is now Barcelona’s cultural center, but it was originally constructed as a home.

Ooh! Here is a fun one. Palace of Catalan Music (Palau de la Musica Catalana), which is apparently not as flashy as some others of Gaudi’s works, but still has some beautiful works of its own. Some famous musicians being depicted include Bach and Beethoven. The interior of this UNESCO World Heritage Site features popular Catalan music. No fancy palace is complete without a massive stained glass central skylight either.

It looks like I’ll just save the Yosemite “travel plans” for the next post. 🙂 This ended up longer than I expected.

Now, who doesn’t want to see a castle? Montjuic Castle, Castell de Montjuic, would be a great start. The Pentagon of castles, “it helped defend the city from many an attack.” Take the tour. Imagine being one of the defenders during times of the era. How did they live? How did they fight? Did you survive?

It is also recommended to stay until after the sun sets to watch a “spectacular” light and waterworks show at the Magic Fountain.

What better way to finish things off than with a nice breath of sea air. The Mediterranean Sea to be more exact. At the southern end of the Passeig Maritime of the Barceloneta district is Port Olimpic. Port Olimpic is widely recognized by two skyscrapers against the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t worry. There are plenty of restaurants and bars for a bite to eat and drink while you enjoy the salty air.

I really would love to go now after looking at all of these places. It would be a blast.


Barcelona Travels



Mean Cookie Handlers

The evening pulsated with a darkness only the shadows knew anything about.

There were reports of aggressive girl scouts selling cookies in the neighborhood as of late.

The couple stepped up their pace as they passed underneath the broken streetlight.

Out from among the shadows stepped a little girl scout…


50 words exactly

Virtual Coffee Date Virgin

If we were having coffee right this instant for a meetup over the inter-web I would ask for a pardon to go get dressed into something a little more proper for the occasion. Upon my return we would go back and forth with the usual and currently trendy or childlike greetings to each other.

While our coffees would be releasing their aromatic fragrance into our personal airs we would begin delving into how each other’s families and loved ones are doing before diving into the business at hand. Our discussion would more than likely be more business oriented for this moment. During this early conversation I will ask an off-topic question inquiring as to what kind of coffee you are drinking with genuine curiousity. Lucky I’m not a cat, huh?

This entire coffee date would be over live video and not just textual chat. Watching each other’s facial reflections and reactions upon each statement or idea that is presented. Whenever we have ideas that we don’t wish for others to overhear we would still type it out so there’d be less opportunity for others to eavesdrop.

Plans would be made. Goals would be set. Dreams would be closer to reality.

This is something I wish to take part in down the road more often. Time consuming, but an over-the-internet approach at a more personal communication that works.

Virtual Coffee Virgin.JPG

Mi 1st virtual coffee date is with you, the readers 🙂

Jogging Scene

I’m not at my laptop blogging? Well then. I must be somewhere studying, procrastinating, eating, or working out. I’m pretty simple at the moment in my view.

The lack of my cardiovascular strength is pretty sad. It is a lot further behind that I originally believed. Time to focus on building up the strength of my heart and lungs. Since it is so sad I finally got myself to go for a jog through a neighborhood I used to traverse many times through my childhood. It was more of a jog walk jog type of journey this time. After just the initial jog burst I was breathing pretty hard. I found something I can work on. 🙂 The warmth flowing through my body from the blood being pumped from my left ventricle to my entire body to keep it moving felt amazing with the cool breeze. The endorphins were making me feel absolutely fantastic. I was getting an outdoor and workout high. It sure works great for those good feels if you’re not having the best of days.

The chirping of the birds, in between the bursts of jogs, heard from pulling my earbuds out to breathe better was very melodic. I could feel them in my soul. They were very peaceful.

Near the end of the “Journey of the Jog” was heard with the tings of metallic tools ringing in the air from a house remodeling project.

Sad thing was that there were no friendly gestures or smiles from others today which was very disappointing. That is not a good representation of how we, as Texans, are supposed to behave. We are friendly and outspoken to others as long as you aren’t a possible threat to our fellows.


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Sore Feet and Shins

Instagram Annoyances

Writing 101, Day 8: Reinvent the Letter Format

Dear person(s) who is/are irritating me on IG,

.       All of the times you comment on someone else’s picture with my tag to try to win a product, all the times y’all share the same supplement push-post repeatedly, and all the times you try to follow-for-follow me either directly or through tagging is the number one reason I need you to remove your account from Instagram permanently.

.       If I knew you personally I would first tell you to stop or consequences would ensue. If you chose to continue your upsetting reign of terror upon the Instagram community, but mainly against myself your phone would be finding itself on a lovely date with either an unstoppable force applied to both ends in the same direction, or quite possibly finally learning how to fly. Temporary as it is.

.       Just because someone else offers something for you to possibly win on IG through a post that does not mean you should tag people you do not even know. Most of us if not all that you tag are not interested in the slightest. The sheer number of people tagged along with those who were the original followers of the post would make your chance slim anyways. Please. Just stop. Your tagging is unappreciated.

.       These follow-for-follow posts are just as annoying that you keep tagging and directing at me. I do not care if you follow me if you are just looking for personal attention. If you are just looking to blow up. I would prefer you just unfollow me which you were going to do anyway once I did follow you back. This has gone to the point of serious spam. This is unacceptable.

.       Just because a page you like shares a supplement advertisement doesn’t mean that the said supplement is worth my time. I am tired of half of my feed being filled with just supplement advertisements. I will never take part on the advertisements you put out there. I go with more reliably tested products. I just want to see a clean feed with all kinds of different posts from all kinds of different people. I use Instagram to enjoy other people’s experiences that they wish to share while sharing some of my own as well.

.       Now let’s enjoy Instagram the way that it should be. Sharing our experiences in life that are each unique in their own way. We only get one life of which we both use and live with differently. Let’s share our adventures through this endeavour.

-Yours Truly-

P. S. If you ever see me take any of these actions on IG you need to direct me back to this letter as a reminder of how I don’t like it.

Please. Please! Stop the nonsense.

Please. Please! Stop the nonsense.

Let Social Media Inspire You

This is a tweet that spoke to me.

I am a victim of Procrastination. I have been a strong procrastinator for a majority of my life. Do I believe I have become more creative because of this? Do I believe my creativity level is pretty much dead from having procrastinated in my works for so long?

Unfortunately, I am seeing my creativity level as having suffered from all of the procrastination. If I had gone with the “Work first, Play later” philosophy I would have had to be more creative with getting things done on time all the time. Even though creativity is used in last minute cramming of works it isn’t the same level of creativity.

I am already beginning to doubt my decision about this of whether it was killed or grew FROM the procrastination I used frequently.

Cram sessions might have brought along some intense creativity and learning experiences from a different standpoint being required to get the jobs done.

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. – Don Marquis

What do you think?

Social media's influence reaches far and wide

Social media’s influence reaches far and wide

What kind of space, blog in, do I, hmm?

To each his or her own in choosing a space in which to write.

My own space is free to a changing environment. Ever-changing as the seasons here. We get both Winter and Summer in the same day. Isn’t it wonderful? Both Christmas and Summer Break at the same time.

My space right this second, for instance, is on a corner desk with high shelves nearing the ceiling. The room is cluttered from the packing process which I took a break from for my studies for the NASM exam. I passed by the way. 🙂

I have a blog prompt box, a tape dispenser, my cell phone, and a spiral with some daily to do notes to my left. Meanwhile, to my right sits a Certified Mail Receipt, a Brisk Iced Tea with lemon bottle filled with water, and a half empty Diet 7-Up. I switched off the EDM music for a second to watch a show on Hulu as I type this post.

My venues for letting out in these blogs sometimes changes day to day. Maybe it will be at a park by the river next, maybe sitting in front of the lake, on the 2.5 mile dam, at a Starbucks, or maybe by the parents’ pool.

What do you think it would be like to be a blogger in space? The view would be fantastic. There would be lots of time for thinking. You could be typing or writing while floating. Doesn’t that sound cool?

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.
– Joseph Campbell –

What kind of space, blog in, do I, hmm?

What kind of space, blog in, do I, hmm?